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As a fur trader we deliver first class wild fur, mainly from
Argentina, Australia and North America and in addition,
Chinese merchandise and different farm products.

Furthermore, as a supplier for the clothing industry we offer our clients
a complete package and develop the collection together with them.

We are also responsible for the procurement of goods, production,
quality control and the “just-in-time” delivery to clients to complete
the ready-to-wear clothing which are awaiting delivery.

In accordance with the client's wish we manufacture all sorts
of fur-trimmings, collars, cuffs, linings, belts, scarves and muffs.

Our collection also includes ready-to-wear clothing like vests,
jackets, coats, reversible pieces and many more items.

Everything is possible - all unusual ideas become reality.

jittler-fur · Frankfurt am Main · +49 69 / 23 85 57 0 · info@jittler-fur.com